September 18, 2021

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Getting trained for 11 plus

A simple guide to the 11 plus exam

The educational system followed in current trend is completely different from the older standards. Today the students are supposed to prove their capability in order to get educated in the educational institution. Obviously there are more challenges for the children to overcome. 11 plus is one such challenge for the children in current trend. In order to get placed in the best grammar schools or in the best private school this entrance exam is to be taken by the children. Through this examination, the schools will analyze the ability of the children and will prefer to choose the children with best ability. This is the reason why the parents and children are supposed to take this exam seriously.

Know the syllabus

The first and foremost thing which the parents are supposed to know for training their children for 11 plus is the syllabus for the exam. They must know the syllabus in order to train their children according to it. The syllabus of this exam include maths, English, verbal and non verbal reasoning. It is to be noted that the combination of this syllabus may get varied based on the grammar schools. Hence the parents must take the responsibility of training their children according to it.

child to pass the 11 plus exam


One of the most important facts which the parents are supposed to remember is the children cannot handle the entrance exams directly without any practice. Hence they must provide proper practice for their children. They must let their children to attend the mock exams in order to get trained for the entrance. This will let their children to face the enter exam with greater confidence. And obviously they can also pass the exam easily without getting into great stress.

Online coaching

The parents who want their children to pass the entrance exam easily can make use of the online coaching centers. With the help of these platforms, they can train their children easily right from their home. But they must remember that there are many coaching centers in online. And hence they must analyze all the important aspects and must choose the best platform. The experts who tend to conduct mock exams with best 11 plus exam papers should be taken into account. Before approaching any coaching center, their reputation in the online market should be taken into account. Even the online reviews should be taken into account for choosing the best experts in the online market.